A downloadable SMB Lost Land for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

^ 8 bits 99% complete ^

WELCOME TO THIS NEW MARIO ADVENTURE!! Bowser has taken Princess Peach and Daisy to a Mysterious Island with the Name of Lost Land. He has allied himself with several kings and they have colonized the entire Island, so everything is full of monsters and dangerous things. the quiet inhabitants of the Island are turned into stone and bricks, some have taken refuge in some parts of the Island, others have allied themselves with Bowser and The Lost Island goes to ruin. The only ones that can undo their magical influence are these 2 Princesses and the Queen of that Island called Princess Pansette. Unfortunately, they are in the clutches of the Koopa Turtle King, Bowser. Mario listens to the distress calls of Princess Peach, and together with his brother Luigi he prepares to rescue them and expel the Koopas invaders from the Island!, help the plumber to go through 15 Worlds, each time they are getting worse , this game is a project of Hello Mario Engine , a Game Editor Hello Fangaming , to add a good rating, and follow the game, I hope you like :)
A Super Mario Bros fan game by BloodserGames
Engine: Game Maker 8.1 (Hello Mario Engine)
Supported Control Options:Only Keyboard

One version of the game for emulators, another one created with Super Mario Bros. Game & Builder, the previous version of the game and the current version. (which is in process)

You can download the game also on my website, among other games that I created there. :-)


The latest versions of the game can be found here:
And the older versions here:

Super Mario Bros Lost-Land v3 is a fan game based on the Super Mario Bros property owned by Nintendo. 
All content of Super Mario Bros, Kirby and other games are copyrights and trademarks of Nintendo. This is a non-profit game and should never be sold.

I Hope you like! :)

Install instructions

-SMB Lost Land 0.9:

This version of the game is somewhat difficult and do not worry about those who do not have the emulator, the game comes with one. (It can also be played on mobile devices) 

-SMB Lost Land 1.1:

This version of the game opens Java, if the game appears in Rar or Zip mode, download Java, press the left button, Properties, Open with and select Java. Created with Super Mario Bros. Game & Building.


SMB Lost Land 1.5 (Latest version).exe 282 MB
SMB Lost Land 1.3 (Old Version) 263 MB
SMB Lost Land 1.1 (Java Version) 3 MB
SMB Lost Land 0.9 (Emulators Version) 3 MB

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Man This Is Awesome

This looks so awesome

Hey Bloodser Which enemies will kill you instantly.


And the greatest thing you could of done was make a HTML5 version



how do u start the level


Great! work!


Great game! I love the SMB1 with more advanced stuff!


nice owo

Hey, are you willing to make a Linux (not Java) port?


cant get passed lvl 2



when next update i so excite


are you able to use a gamepad on any of the versions? And i dont seem to be able to find the settings button...

(2 edits) (+1)

this isnt here for me but it is for btg...

versions 0.9 and 1.1 if they can be used with control, the other 2 not yet, I'm working on it


i see... thanks!


There are no invincibility frames for some reason.Is this a bug?

Yes it is a Bug, but it is supposed that I had already solved that in this recent version.


Press x/z i forgot to start the game 

I dowloded the game on my iPad but i don’t know how to get on the game




I downloaded the game. However, it wont let me move past the opening screen. How do i actually play the game? I have tried logging in and it says Failed every time. what am i doing wrong?

(1 edit)

What version do you have? If it is v3, it is that you can only enter your Gamejolt account, but the page where this version of the game was kept has already been removed, so entering is no longer valid.

And to play you only have to select one of the files, make sure you do not have a save file somewhere in the folder, This version of the game is very old and the save does not work.

the latest version of the game is on Gamejolt:


this if the save works but still has several bugs to resolve. :D




how to download it for linux?

download the rom one, then retroarch

Or get the exe runner for lynix

It works using wine but when you pick a powerup you lose audio

why is this so damn good???????????

itch.io page could use some work doe


How can I save in the game? Also, I downloaded the 1.5 version. I guess is the most finished version, and the best one too. Correct me if i'm wrong.

If that is the most complete version but arrangements are still being made in that version, such as the same thing that you just said, it does not save the Game well, but I was able to solve it and I will soon release a version with that problem already solved and many more improvements

I mean, I questioned how to save because I didn't know if there was a button or something where you could save whenever you wanted or if you only could save when the game let you. (sorry if my english is not that good)

Well, the Game is Saved for you when you leave a toad House or the Switch Palace and when you finish a Haunted House Level or a Fort.  and don't worry about that, my english is not very good either. x'D


Ok, thank you. The game is really hard, that's why I questioned you how was the way to save, to play the game safely. Anyways, if you make a new version, you could do a manually save form, that way it could be more easy to play. 

*a month ago* is it good now


what are the controls?

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in The Cursors you move.

Z = You run,grab and shoot

X = Jump

F4 = Fullscreen

F2 = reset the Game

F1 = info (you can see the controls here)

Z + X = superjump

and Esc = quit the Game :v

and the Controls cannot be modified yet, I am working on it.


finally the game i was looking for :)